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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Australian global warming Prof. Chris Turney stuck in Antarctic ice was beamed to the world from Times Square on New Years Eve, plans to 'definitely' spew CO2 next New Years Eve by traveling from Australia to New York City's Times Square

"Definitely heading there next year!" says Australian global warming expedition leader Chris Turney in a tweet on New Years Eve after appearing on CNN's 12/31/13 Times Square broadcast while trapped in Antarctic ice:

1/2/14, "Terence Corcoran: Science of climate change not on the same course as reality," Financial Post

"Aboard the MV Akademik Shokalskiy, a research vessel hunting for evidence of climate change in the world’s coldest polar extremity, Prof. Turney demonstrated his unflagging media skills by turning adversity into an opportunity.

On New Year’s Eve, he tweeted: “Just broadcast live to Times Square, to celebrate New Year with @AC360. Great fun! Definitely heading there next year!”

Longer video of expedition leader Chris Turney and two UK Guardian ship mates beamed to the world from Times Square on New Years Eve via CNN and Skype:

1/2/14, "Stranded crew live-tweets Antarctic rescue,", Andy Macdonald

(scroll about half way down page for video) "As the media kept a close eye on the ship, the crew started to taste a little fame. On New Year's Eve, CNN's Anderson Cooper and comedian Kathy Griffin spoke to the tweeting trio live from Time Square in New York. The three men huddled in a tent on the ship's upper deck and spoke to the hosts via Skype."...

Video about half way down page is 2:41 and includes expedition leader Chris Turney and two employees of the UK Guardian, Alok Jha, a science correspondent, and Laurence Topham, interactive producer.


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