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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Videotaping Republican license plates won't change the fact that your neighbor is out of money in Wisconsin, Alabama, take your pick.

Taking your neighbor's money is no longer possible anywhere in this country. Your neighbor is broke. Being in a public sector union and videotaping license plates of right of center Americans for the purpose of threatening them can't change that reality. If you need cash, ask Obama GE friend Jeffrey Immelt who makes billions and pays no taxes.

3/25/11, "It gets even uglier in Wisconsin," American Thinker, Lee DeCovnick

Commenter from Alabama to above article at AT:

"Posted by: Sherrimae
Mar 26, 01:41 AM

The attitude against unions is spreading all over the country. Here in Alabama our legislature recently stopped the process of having the state collect dues for the teachers unions. The unions are not going to go away quietly. They are busy judge shopping to try to get the law overturned. The unions decided to sue the state here in north Alabama because they thought it would be easier to find a sympathetic judge and the public schools here are in financial crisis. They are hoping to either win in court or that the local school boards will just give in because they don't have any money to go to court. I think the unions will be very surprised to find out that
  • We the People are awake and we will not put up with their extortion any more."...

Reference: 3/25/11, "How General Electric pays no tax at all and actually MAKES $3.2billion from the rest of us," UK Daily Mail, Bates


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