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Monday, March 28, 2011

Global warming ranks last in American concerns about environment-Gallup, March 2011

3/28/11, "Water Issues Worry Americans Most, Global Warming Least," Gallup, Lydia Saad

Note that Gallup lists 'Air Pollution' separate from 'Global Warming,' and they are perceived very differently by respondents as well. This shows a failure of the massive campaign by the global warming industry to make people think 'air pollution' and 'global warming' are the same thing, eg, 'clean and green.' This is of course false as the invented issue of global warming only involves CO2. Additionally, 'global warming' concern dropped 12 points from 2001.

Gallup: "With Earth Day about a month away, Americans tell Gallup they worry the most about several water-related risks and issues among nine major environmental issues. They worry least about global warming and loss of open spaces."...

chart from Gallup article via Weasel Zippers

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