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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Yeah, Russia must've stolen 2010 and 2014 'shockers' too: Front pages, 2010: 'GOP Claims House in Huge Swing'; 2014: 'GOP Takes Senate-Riding Voter Anger to Take Control of Congress'; 2016: 'Trump Triumphs'...

Above via Free Republic commenter to article, "Mueller should resign," by Michael Goodwin, NY Post

10/29/17, "
It's hilarious that they honestly believe that Trump won because of Russian influence and not because of how awful they are....Observing the liberal reaction to Friday's news reminds me of why they must never be allowed back into power. they're a bunch of spiteful children motivated by hatred and a desire for vengeance. posted on 10/29/2017, 2:38:18 AM by RC one"


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