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Monday, March 20, 2017

18,000+ rally for Trump in Louisville, Kentucky, 3/20/17. Trump pitches Obamacare replacement. Trump supporter comments on pathetic display in Washington DC by new NSA Chief Rogers: 'Horrific. Embarrassing'

Above, 3/20/17, Louisville, Kentucky, "Trump's crowd at rally time,

3/20/17, "The largest crowd to see Trump in person since his inauguration – estimated at north of 18,000 – cheered approvingly, even after booing McConnell loudly when he took the stage as a warm-up act. McConnell, who has represented Kentucky in the U.S. Senate since 1985, pledged his support for 'our great new president who's going to give us the chance to fix this healthcare mess left behind by Barack Obama.'"...Daily Mail, David Martosko 

Above, 3/20/17, Louisville, Kentucky, "Throngs of Donald Trump supporters stood in line-some for more than 12 hours– as the queue to see the president stretched more than a half-mile," AP 

Four images above via Daily Mail

Above, 3/20/17, "LOUISVILLE -- First shouts of "fake news" tonight come from people in the upper deck who are tossing wadded up paper at a CNN cameraman," ......  


Added: 3/20/17, SWAMP not drained, business as usual. Among comments by Trump supporters on Monday's pathetic display in Washington, DC.--most certainly including Trump's new NSA Chief Mike Rogers who sounded "weak and uncertain....If you can't or won't deliver, step down." On Comey and Rogers: "They were both a disgrace. Rogers? Horrific. Embarrassing." (Commenters, below, to 3/20/17, "President Trump Rally Louisville Kentucky – 7:00pm Live Stream…)

"farmhand1927 says:
President Trump spoke to an invigorated, energized, over-flowing crowd tonite in Kentucky with thousands standing outside. These rallies are Trump being Trump and whether he repeats info or not, we love him. He needs us to remind him why he’s going thru this turmoil and we need to hear from him personally. The connection will not be broken.

Tonite would have been too early for President Trump to comment on the FBI/NSA hearing but it’s not too early for James Comey to understand in no uncertain terms that the American people have lost faith and trust in him and if we had our way, he’d be going to sleep tonite as an unemployed man.

Millions upon millions of Americans believe unequivocally that he let Hillary Clinton walk free when he should have recommended her for indictment. Our President kept him on and then today when asked to assure us that his organization will go after the felon(s) that unmasked Gen. Flynn, he refused.

As for Mike Rodgers, he didn’t deliver today either as far as sounding tough, resolved and unrelenting on going after leakers and seditionists. The President has invested enormous confidence in this man but today he sounded weak and uncertain.

Today was a very disappointing day for Americans that believe we are entitled to have justice applied equally to all. When the director of the FBI couldn’t find anything amiss with Hillary and doesn’t think he should reassure us that leakers will be tracked down and prosecuted, we don’t have confidence that people that are supposed to protect us are doing their jobs. You guys signed on to MAGA. If you can’t or won’t deliver, step down.

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flova says:
The FBI has blood all over it. It had the Boston bombers in its offices interviewing them, it had Ft Hood shooter on radar, it had the Pulse nightclub terrorist in interviews–they let them all go! 

Then Lynch gets on a plane with Clinton to collude to keep Hilllary out of jail and Comey does nothing!!!

The FBI has the terrorists’ and the criminal swamp creatures’ backs, not the American peoples. What the flyin’ fig is going on??

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Deb says:
Don’t forget the airport shooter in Florida. They interviewed him as well.


defendurrightsblog says:

They were both a disgrace. Rogers? Horrific. Embarrassing. Comey has been a wash since forever.""...

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