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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bill McKibben will give a talk about "math and science of climate change" at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, 10/14/14. Tickets only $15!!!

Per Grace Cathedral's website, on Oct. 14, 2014, Bill McKibben will explain the "math and science of climate change."...

Bill McKibben: Updates from the Front Lines of the Climate Fight
On October 14, acclaimed environmentalist and author Bill McKibben will visit Grace Cathedral to describe the current state of global warming through an explanation of the math and science of climate change. He will share updates on the movement working to end our reliance on fossil fuel energy and create a world powered by renewable sources. 
*Photo: Nancie Battaglia
Tickets are on sale now and cost $15.
Where: Grace Cathedral
- See more at:

(Above about Bill McKibben appearance is screen shot from Grace Cathedral website).

Above, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, image from Grace Cathedral website

Above, Bill McKibben photo at Grace Cathedral website advertising his appearance 10/14/14 to speak about the "math and science of climate change."...

Below, Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal Church:

Below, screenshot of McKibben ad at Grace Cathedral website:


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