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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Southeast Florida citizens educating their towns and counties about so-called ‘Seven/50′ regional plan and seeing results!-Democrats Against UN Agenda 21

11/8/13, "Exciting news from Florida: Seven/50 Plan rejected by two counties, Rosa Koire, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21

Seven/50 is the regional plan for Southeast Florida. Running from the Florida Keys north up the east coast, it encompasses 7 counties and is the regional plan document for fifty years–that’s why it’s called Seven/50. Although the planners, consultants, and staff of these counties said that the plan has nothing to do with UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, that is not true.”….


Comments from around the US and the world to Rosa's site such as this from Kansas: "FYI: my local situation: The local paper (JL World) of Lawrence, KS (ICLEI member) censors comments made about ICLEI. They are simply removed."
FYI: my local situation: the local paper (JLWorld) of Lawrence, Ks (ICLEI member) censors comments made regarding ICLEI. They are simply removed.  - See more at:


6/10/2011, Rosa Koire speaks at East Bay California Tea Party group about UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development

(:30 musical intro) I watched this video of Rosa's talk awhile ago. She's very knowledgeable about UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. It's a human issue. Rosa is a democrat. She's been asked to speak to numerous Tea Party groups. 


Added: The Tea Party leader happened to mention in the intro that it was her view that the Tea Party isn't about social issues. I agree with her. The death of the Republican Party has left many people without representation. The Tea Party is just one attempt to fill the void. To me the most urgent problem in this country is the complete corruption of the political class. In any case the TP doesn't aspire to be part of the former Republican Party. There are a couple of very big TP groups who really are JV squads of the GOP. They're GOP co-opt jobs and are fakes. What was once known as the Republican Party now consists of a pack of hyenas who do nothing but plot ways in which to sabotage elections so evil right of center Americans can be shown who's boss.


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