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Sunday, November 3, 2013

EPA freely states its ban on new coal plants will have no effect on CO2 emissions, page 346, Sept. 20, 2013 document submitted to Fed. Register. Over to you Zack Colman at Washington Examiner

Sept. 20, 2013, Environmental Protection Agency, “Standards of Performance for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units Proposed Rule.” Submitted “for publication in the Federal Register” (p. 1)

page 343, “X. “Impacts of the Proposed Action”
scroll to page 346, item E.:

E. “What are the economic and employment impacts?”

The EPA does not anticipate that this proposed rule will
result in notable CO2 emission changes, energy impacts,
monetized benefits, costs, or economic impacts by 2022.
The owners of newly built electric generating units
will likely choose technologies that meet these standards
even in the absence of this proposal due to existing economic
conditions as normal business practice. Likewise, the EPA
believes this rule will not have any impacts on the price
of electricity, employment or labor markets, or the U.S. economy.
As previously stated, the EPA does not anticipate that the
power industry will incur compliance costs as a result of this
proposal and we do not anticipate any notable
CO2 emission changes resulting from the rule.
Therefore, there are no direct monetized climate
benefits in terms of CO2 emission reductions
associated with this rulemaking. However, by clarifying
that in the future, new coal-fired power plants will be
required to meet a particular performance standard, this
rulemaking reduces uncertainty and may enhance the prospects
for new coal-fired generation and the deployment of CCS,
and thereby promote energy diversity.” (end page 346)


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