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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent increases again in August 2013-NSIDC

9/3/13, Antarctic Sea Ice Extent, August 2013, NSIDC

"This graph shows monthly ice extent anomalies plotted as a time series of percent difference between the extent for the month in question and the mean for that month based on the January 1981 to December 2010 data. The anomaly data points are plotted as plus signs and the trend line is plotted with a dashed grey line."


July 2013 Antarctic Sea Ice Extent:

August 2, 2013, "Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Breaking All Records," Paul Homewood

"Antarctic sea ice extent at the end of July was the highest on record for that day, growing to 18.077 million sq km. The previous record of 17.783 was set in 2010, whilst the 1981-2010 average was 16.869"



9/1/13, "35th Daily Record of Year for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent,"

"August 31 (Day 243) saw the 35th Daily Record of the Year for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent. Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is 19.03105  million sq km. Click graph [at link] for bigger. Data is here."

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