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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Upcoming UN climate report draft says global drought and flood activity are unremarkable and in line with past 1000 years

UN IPCC AR5 Zero Draft says current drought and flood activity is unremarkable within context of past 1000 years.

12/6/11, "Not Unusual”: AR5 and Climategate 2.0," Climate Audit, Steve McIntyre

"The IPCC AR5 Zero Draft summarize the present evidence on precipitation extremes over the past millennium as follows:

Overall, multiple studies suggest that current drought and flood regimes are not unusual within the context of last 1000 years [(e.g., Cook et al., 2010; Seager et al., 2008; Graham et al., 2010)].

I expect that this finding is not one that will be heavily promoted by WWF or Greenpeace." (this item near end of post)

via Tom Nelson

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