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Friday, September 30, 2011

Wind turbine output in Scotland almost non-existent 'despite sharp increase in mumber of wind turbines installed'-BBC

Prince Charles, grab the digitalis.

9/30/11, "Renewable energy production drops in Scotland," BBC

"The total amount of renewable energy produced from wind and hydro power schemes in Scotland fell last year.

Despite a sharp increase in the number of wind turbines installed, there was

  • only a 6% increase in the amount of power they produced.

Low rainfall, meanwhile, meant hydro production fell by a third.

Energy production figures also showed a decline in oil and gas production earlier this year, which industry leaders described as "worrying".

The statistics from Whitehall's Department of Energy and Climate Change showed the second quarter of this year saw some of the

  • sharpest falls on record of oil and gas production
  • from under UK waters.

Oil production was down 16% and gas by 25% compared with the second quarter of 2010.

This was attributed to planned maintenance as well as emptying oil reservoirs.

The amount of renewable energy produced in Scotland has increased sharply since 2003,


10/25/10, "Queen set to earn millions from windfarm expansion," UK Independent, Andy McSmith

12/31/10, "One's in the money! Why Prince Charles's secret 20-year campaign could make him the richest king in history," UK Daily Mail, G. Levy

2/9/11, "UK's Prince Charles blasts climate-change skeptics," AP

10/24/10, "Queen's £38m a year windfarm windfall," This is money,

"The EU has told Britain it must generate more of its energy needs from renewable sources. But critics say the plan to increase Britain's dependence on green energy is flawed and could leave homes and business suffering routine power cuts within five years.

Sir Martin Holdgate, former chief scientist at the Department for the Environment, said: 'There is pressure to act on climate change. But when you look at the cost per unit, it is a rather expensive way of providing electricity.'

In its latest accounts, the Crown Estate says that its offshore windfarm business is 'experiencing exponential growth and we expect it to provide a significant source of total income in the next ten years'.

Revenue to the Estate from the windfarms rose by 44% last year to a 'low base' of £2.6m."...


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