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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Caltrans conflates clean air and water with alleged CO2 endangerment, the latter just a gimmick for organized crime and the UN

California government is devoted to demonizing the American middle class, taking away their automobiles, relocating the selfish rubes to highrises, and leaving most of California bare to be overrun by those who deserve it more such as Mexican drug dealers. It's not bothered that so many people are starving in California with so many billionaires there.

4/14/11, "Straw Man Environmental Alarmism 101, California Style," American Thinker, Chuck Roger

"Course Description: Learn to craft false statements that appear factual and to justify "fixes" for imaginary problems. The student learns how to apply said fixes to an agenda which addresses environmentalists' most precious issue:
  • human-caused global warming
Course Instructor: An associate transportation planner with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

The Caltrans website contains a section which almost comically could have been prepared for this fictitious course. An article titled "Turning a More Vivid Shade of Green: Caltrans Takes a Stand on Climate Change, Global Warming" states:
  • "The world may be exhausting its supply of petroleum, but the larger question now has to do with an abundance of fossil fuel-generated greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that threaten the planet we call home."
The article's author seems eminently qualified to teach "Straw Man Environmental Alarmism 101," what with the obvious skill for packing two falsehoods stated as facts into a single sentence. How many times must it be proved that the world is not close to "exhausting its supply of petroleum" before environmentalists stop making the claim? And as Americans are realizing in greater and greater numbers, there is no objective support for the shrill claim that "greenhouse gas emissions... threaten the planet we call home."

But the Caltrans article's falsehoods continue.

  • "The relationship between transportation and climate change resulting from GHG emissions is fairly well understood. ... Emissions of GHG and the related subject of global climate change are emerging as critical issues for the entire transportation community."
It takes a thick pair of reality blinders to call something as complex and hotly-contested as climate change science "well understood." We can picture the author, apparently a proud member of the "transportation community," pounding away at the keyboard while imagining a noble role for all members of the planet-saving collective.

"Turning a More Vivid Shade of Green" warns California residents of a global warming-decimated future plagued by flooded "tunnels, coastal highways, runways and railways, buckled highways and railroad tracks, and submerged dock facilities." The article praises California Assembly Bill 32 for dictating a "cap and trade system" and a 40 percent reduction in California residents' share of greenhouse gas emissions within nine years. Rumor has it that Caltrans will offer horse and buggy skills training, no-emission, tofu-powered lawnmowers, and souped-up hand sheers with built-in carbon sequestration devices for capturing stray emissions from unenlightened neighboring states.

Our Caltrans associate planner boasts that "California is leading the national climate change battle" with actions like price-expanding, horsepower-reducing, economy-killing fuel efficiency standards, governmental planning of "more efficient communities," "sustainable communities strateg[ies]," and development of a "transportation system... capable of withstanding climate change in the future."
And watch out, because Caltrans has realized that roads "consume energy in many ways, including lights, water pumps, traffic signals, controllers, and signage." If the agency's "upgrades [of] traffic signals from high watt incandescent lamps to low energy light-emitting diode fixtures" is an indicator of things to come, and some enthusiastic, promotion-seeking employee switches off roadway water pumps, then what's left of California's residents could be in for dark, wet, free-for-all roadway adventures.

The Caltrans vision of a "More Vivid Shade of Green" wraps up on a particularly uplifting tone. The agency
  • "...believes that creating a sustainable transportation system will yield other benefits, including more efficient use of transportation resources, reduced dependency on fossil fuels, greater energy security, improved mobility and travel options, and more livable communities.
Caltrans is proud to be at the forefront of taking on the climate change challenge, and the Department sees this moment as an opportunity to transform the way we do business, moving toward clean and sustainable technologies to ensure that all Californians can enjoy clean air, unpolluted water, and a healthy environment."
Then the angels sang. They were the most vivid green angels that anyone had ever seen."

(The writer is a physicist and former high tech executive)

Everyone wants clean air and water. So they sell CO2 endangerment-which does not exist to begin with except as a multi-trillion dollar crime against humanity--along with clean air and water. And most people don't know the difference. ed.

The organized crime CO2 racket rests on the theory that all Americans are criminals. It says CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a poisonous and murderous substance caused mainly by criminal Americans who must pay billions to UN grifters, hedge fund thugs, and equatorial dictators who will use our money like others at the UN do,
4/8/11, "Global Warming Alarmism's Long March through State and Local Institutions," American Thinker, Peter Wilson


"A victim of a famine machine that is entirely greens."... 12/28/10,
"...Fresno, Calif., stands as the de facto capital of California's mighty Central Valley, the breadbasket of America." But

"“Sustainability has less to do with the environment, and everything to do with economics. It is an attack on capitalism, and
2/26/11, "Agenda 21 Part III: Maryland County Abolishes Agenda 21 – Now it’s Your Turn," Big Government, James M. Simpson

"For those unfamiliar with the sustainable development agenda, this might not seem like much,
  • but it is huge.
If you have been following my recent series on the subject, you will know that local Sustainability offices, under the auspices of the ICLEI’s Local Governments for Sustainability, are the
  • tiny, visible tip of the monstrous Agenda 21 sustainable development iceberg,
the ultimate goal of which is to transform American society from the bottom up into a socialist ward of UN global governance. [See detailed public UN documents written at numerous global conventions. Obama UN appointee Susan Rice is currently attending a UN 'sustainability' conference as opposed to attending meetings in NY about Libya]. As of today, there are
who have signed on to this Trojan Horse.
  • Minus one."....


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