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Monday, June 28, 2010

Still waiting for proof of 'n' word by Black Caucus in crowd loaded with audio & video devices

  • 6/28, American Thinker, Lloyd Marcus: (above sign of 'peaceful, tolerant' far left protester)
"So how has the "tea parties are racist" lie become
  • so solidly branded into the minds of many? Then, it hit me: "It's the media, stupid." Last year I appeared on CNN fielding accusations that the tea parties are racist gatherings. During my interview, CNN showed the same sign of Obama as a witch doctor several times."...
  • (It should be said that such signs are usually plants). ed.
(continuing): "Meanwhile, 99.9% of the signs on display at the rallies expressed opposition to Obama's policies only.
  • The liberal mainstream media attempts to put and keep us tea party patriots on the defensive. They
scream, "You should denounce those people carrying racist signs!" (AGAIN, please, who said these signs were not PLANTS? ) Well, who died and made the "agenda-driven" liberal mainstream media the final authority on what is racist?
  • According to them, anything short of fawning approval of Obama is racist.
The liberal mainstream media's hypocrisy is stunning. While chiding us to denounce questionable racist signs, (without referencing that they in most cases have been sourced to left wing plants-ed) they clearly favor and hide real hatred and violence coming from the left.
  • A few years ago, after performing at a troop support rally in Washington, DC, I walked a few blocks away to witness a so-called "peace" rally by the left. At least 1,200 peace protesters marched down the street chanting,
"F--- George Bush, F--- George Bush!" Their signs spewed hatred for Bush, our troops, and America. And yet, not one sign or any footage of the "peace rally" was featured in the liberal mainstream media.
More recently, signs at Arizona Immigration Law protest rallies which threatened to "shoot more police" and other
  • hate-filled anti-America messages are ignored by the liberal mainstream media.
As I stated, I know the caliber of the patriots who attend the tea parties. If anyone displayed a truly racist sign or made a racist comment, that person would be verbally attacked by the crowd.
Not to mention the fact that if the incident really happened, the video (or audio) would be viral on YouTube."...
(My observation is the far left believes vile, negative speech is what wins for them. It also serves to deflate and dispirit American culture, key to their goal. Of course their 'goals' carried out to logical conclusion also result in their own suffering and death). ed.

  • photo above from recent Arizona illegal immigration protest via American Thinker

Sunday, June 27, 2010

While it is obvious there will be no economic recovery, (never was going to be), Biden concurs

6/25, CBS News: While appearing at a fundraiser in Wisconsin, "Vice President Joe Biden gave a stark assessment of the economy today, telling an audience of supporters, "there's no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession.""...
  • Biden blamed the Bush administration, then CBS News helped him further by giving misleading stats, failing to mention recent temporary jobs filled only due to census hiring and that the
  • private sector is what has been deliberately strangled. And all of it predictable.
American Thinker: "The problem isn't that we've lost 8 million jobs. The problem is that the Obama administration has initiated policies

The slack in employment can be eliminated only when capital flows freely to those who can make the best use of it - creating the businesses and the wealth that will fill the needs of society and consumers.

It is obvious they do get it at the White House, that massive non-productive welfare hiring is enacted to strangle productive citizens. No other outcome is possible. In any event, it is criminal, and elected representatives of the people don't seem to mind. ed.

Friday, June 25, 2010

How are Obama's actions against Gulf states not both impeachable and criminal?

Skimmers sat idle for six weeks.
  • Impeachment and/or criminal proceedings should long since have been commenced against the Obama administration. Not only is he not helping, he is making things much worse. As of now, the people have no representation, meaning most in congress should be impeached as well. (ed.)
6/25, Washington Times Editorial: "The Obama administration's red tape continues to tie the hands of individuals seeking to mitigate the effects of the disastrous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. It's a sign of how out-of-touch the O Force's priorities have become.
  • Last week, the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers teamed up to thwart efforts to build sand berms to protect the fragile Louisiana coastline.

The excuse given for federal intervention was that the state was about to dredge sand too close to the Chandeleur Islands and that a bird habitat might also be affected. State officials reacted with outrage, suggesting the federal claims were bogus.

  • "The Corps' own permit indicates that we are currently operating within the allowed dredge area," Garrett Graves, chairman of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority explained in a June 23 statement.

"The Department of the Interior's continued insistence that this dredge area is

  • a bird rookery makes it clear that

they are confused about what it is that they are protecting - and perhaps have never been to the Chandeleurs at all.

Gov. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Republican, has been active in pushing the sand barrier to protect the coast. He explained that the

  • federal "help" was making things worse,

saying, "Get out of the way; move this bureaucracy out of the way."

The same bureaucratic obstinance sabotaged relief efforts from the earliest days of the crisis. Radio Netherlands, for example, reported on May 4 that the

including oil skimming equipment from the Netherlands. The massive Dutch ships are specifically designed to deal with oil spills by taking in the contaminated seawater, separating out a large amount of oil and then dumping the remaining water overboard. "But the water does contain some oil residue, and that is too much according to U.S. environment regulations," Radio Netherlands explained.

  • These ships sat idle for six weeks because bureaucratic rules could not distinguish an effort that would have sucked 5,000 tons of oil per day out of the Gulf
  • from the actions of someone deliberately pumping oil into the water.

"In case you were wondering who's responsible," said President Obama at his May 28 press conference, "I take responsibility." That sounds about right - except that this time,

LA Mayor Villaraigosa takes $50 to $100,000 worth of free tickets to sports events, concerts, loses paperwork documenting-LA Weekly

List still being updated!!!
  • It just means those on the left must remain mute when elected officials on the right behave in corrupt fashion, play golf obsessively, and the like.
6/25. LA Weekly: "Under law, Antonio can't take more than $100 a year from anyone doing biz with the city. Yet he doesn't KNOW who gave him these costly gifts?"...Here are a few from this year:
  • "4/13/10 Dodger's Opening Day Dodgers Stadium -- up to $500
  • 5/2/10 Lakers vs. Utah Staples Center -- up to $4,100 (courtside)
  • 1/17/10 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards -- cost unknown
  • 1/30/10 Director's Guild of America 62nd Dinner -- mayor scheduled, but didn't attend
  • 1/31/10 52nd Annual Grammy Awards Staples Center -- cost unknown
  • 3/7/10 82nd Academy Awards Kodak -- $4,200 per seat
  • 5/26/10 American Idol Finale Nokia -- not avail to public, scalper tix $5,000 ...
(For more on the blowback to this scandal, see our story, "Villaraigosa's Five-Year Free Ticket Spree," posting at "
  • from LA by Stewart and Rothman, via, 6/25/10

Monday, June 21, 2010

James Hansen of NASA wins half million dollar cash award for influencing government policy on climate, it pays to be a climate guy

6/20/10, "Climate scientists awarded prestigious Blue Planet Prize," Environment News Service, Tokyo
Tokyo, June 20, 2010 (ENS) - "Two prominent climate scientists - one from Great Britain and one from the United States - have been are the winners of the 2010 Blue Planet Prize, an international environmental award which is considered to be Japan's equivalent of the Nobel Prize.
  • Dr. Robert Watson, chief scientific adviser of the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and chair of environmental science and science director at Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, the University of East Anglia, was named as one awardee in a ceremony in Tokyo on Thursday.

(James) Hansen, director at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, where he has worked since 1967, and adjunct professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University, was named as the other awardee.

  • Each recipient is presented with a certificate of merit, a commemorative trophy and an award of 50 million yen (US$550,600 or 372,000 pounds).

Watson and Hansen will receive their awards on October 26 in Tokyo, where they will each give a commemorative lecture.

  • The prize, first awarded in 1992, is sponsored by the Asahi Glass Foundation."...
Watson was of course chair of the UN IPCC from 1997-2002.
  • ""Hiroyuki Yoshikawa, the former president of the University of Tokyo
who headed the selection committee, said both men have extended
6/20/10, "Climate Scientists Awarded prestigious Blue Planet Prize," Environmental News Service Newswire.
  • ####
Proof if anyone needs it that it wasn't about "the science" it was about permanently changing governments. Unelected, unvetted, reps of international profiteers and organized crime at the UN joined to destroy lives of US families.
  • 6/21/10, "Antarctic glacier melt maybe 'not due to climate change,' Brit T-cell robot torpedo probes massive icy bottom," UK Register by Lewis Page. "Nature Geoscience, here (subscription link)."
"The massive ice river in question is the Pine Island Glacier, aka PIG to those in the field.
  • “Estimates of Antarctica’s recent contributions to sea level rise have changed from near-zero to significant and increasing," says Stan Jacobs of Columbia uni in the States. "Increased melting of continental ice also appears to be the primary cause of persistent ocean freshening and other impacts."

The PIG has flowed more and more rapidly into the Amundsen Sea since scientists have begun monitoring it, adding fresh water to the world's oceans. Like certain other regions the glacier is bucking the overall south-polar trend which has actually seen hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of new sea ice accumulate around Antarctica in recent decades.

  • Many scientists have theorised that the PIG's accelerating flow is due to global warming.

However, recent research - including surveys beneath the bottom of the floating, projecting ice sheet by Blighty's Autosub robot probe - indicate that this may not be the case. (The Autosub, famously, was powered by some 5,000 ordinary alkaline D-cell batteries on each trip beneath the ice, getting through some four tonnes of them during the research.)

It appears from the Autosub's under-ice surveys that the PIG's ice flow formerly ground its way out to sea across the top of a previously unknown rocky underwater ridge, which tended to hold it back.

  • Many years ago, however, before the area was surveyed in much detail, the glacier's floating outflow sheet separated from the ridge top which it had been grinding away at for millennia and so picked up speed. This also allowed relatively warm sea water to get up under the sheet and so increase melting and ease of movement.

The discovery of the ridge has raised new questions about whether the current loss of ice from Pine Island Glacier is caused by recent climate change or is a continuation of a longer-term process that began when the glacier disconnected from the ridge," says Dr Adrian Jenkins of the British Antarctic Survey.

Jenkins, Jacobs and their colleagues write:

Once the grounding line began its downslope migration from the ridge crest prior to the 1970’s, a period of rapid change was inevitable, and since that time oceanic variability may have had relatively little influence on the rate of retreat.

Or in other words the glacier would have shown the same acceleration and thinning it has shown since the 1990s with or without climate change, perhaps accounting for its very rapid melting and the local contrast with the general picture of increased Antarctic sea ice.

photo above latest ice prober, UK Register

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hate group Woodrow Wilson Center financed by US taxpayers

The global left such as the Woodrow Wilson Center is part human and part animal (see also culture of soccer) and enabled by the US taxpayer. Elitists spew bile about America: 

6/18/10, "Turkey's hollow prize," Forbes, Claudia Rosett

"With the (Woodrow) Wilson Center giving (Turkey's) Sahenk its Award for Corporate Citizenship, have Sahenk or any of his Turkish cohorts pledged money to the Wilson Center? When I asked that question of the Center on Thursday afternoon, apparently no one could say,
  • despite 12 "development" workers listed on the staff. I was passed along to another spokeswoman, who said she would look into it, but "People have to jump through hoops to get this information."
The way the Wilson Center puts it, Congress has been urging them "to raise more funding from private sources." Another way of looking at it, however, is that
  • into an ability to raise additional tens of millions all over the map--
  • but to keep growing, it wants yet more.
Among the top donors listed in the Center's 2008-09 annual report, chipping in amounts for that period ranging from $100,000 to $2.5 million apiece, are
  • several that are themselves funded by U.S. tax dollars.
These include the U.S. Agency for International Development,
  • the U.S. State Department and
  • the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) (which receives hundreds of millions annually from the U.S. government).
Other top donors include: George Soros's Open Society Institute, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Exxon Mobil Corporation ( XOM - news - people ), the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Mexico, Brazil's Grupo EBX , South Korea's LG Electronics, the Fellowship Fund for Pakistan and "Anonymous." United Airlines is listed as "The Official and Exclusive Airline Sponsor of the Woodrow Wilson Awards and the Woodrow Wilson Center."

Now comes the Davutoglu award, with its message that the Wilson Center in bestowing its favors is willing to treat

even the most flagrantly anti-American views (and deeds) as irrelevant, while collecting money around the globe.
    Why should Congress keep fueling this morally blank,
    • misleading and venal exercise with
    • millions of American tax dollars?
    from, "Turkey's hollow prize," via John Batchelor show


    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Obama will seek to keep Gulf oil spill going as long as possible, will fight to keep help away. It's the opportunity of his lifetime

    BP's 'greenwashing' of its image led to its downfall. It shifted its focus to global warming profiteer. All for something that doesn't exist.
    • As do most ideas of the hard left, the results punished the innocent and rewarded a bloodthirsty criminal mob. A mob which happens to reside in the US White House.
    Yet I doubt all that strenuous greenwashing has been enough to offset the damage done by even a single one of those photographs of ickle pelicans smeared in oily gunk.

    Under Browne’s stewardship, BP became the first multinational oil company

    • In 2005 it famously developed a carbon footprint calculator for use on its website.

    According to Mathis Wackernagel, executive director of the Global Footprint Network, the media campaigns around

    • BP’s calculator played an important part in establishing the notion of a ‘carbon footprint’ in popular consciousness.

    As a result, BP, the world’s second-largest oil company, came to rank high on a wide range of the ‘key performance indicators’ so beloved by companies. It was lavished with awards, including a gold ‘Effie’ at the American Marketing Association awards. Brand research revealed that BP was seen as the most environmental oil brand, and BP’s brand awareness rose from four per cent in 2000 to 67 per cent in 2007. It has been claimed that the rebranding generated considerable increases in sales for BP. In 2007, Business Week speculated whether the AA risk rating awarded to BP by credit agency Innovest was a result of its commitment to invest $8 billion in renewables.

    Funny to remember how Browne was revered in so many profiles of the era as the kind of

    What we can now recognise is that Browne did about as much for BP’s unfortunate shareholders

    • as Kenneth Lay did for Enron’s.

    Had BP spent a fraction of the budget it has

    • dedicated to greenwashing (its 2001 rebranding alone cost $200 million; it has
    • squandered further millions on solar and wind power)

    on doing the job its supposed to do – ie drilling for oil as safely and efficiently as is reasonably possible in so risky business; definitely not cutting corners –

    • the Gulf Oil disaster would almost certainly have never happened.

    Exxon gets a lot of stick from the green movement. But its safety procedures are much more stringent than BPs. (Hat tip: Tom Blanton)

    And while we’re on the subject of the warped, self-destructive tactics of eco-zealots, lets not forget the disastrous role America’s

    Thanks to the EPA’s bizarre sense of ecological priorities, the US government initially

    • turned down an offer from the Dutch

    to provide 4 oil skimmers capable of scooping up 146,000 barrels of spilt oil per day.

    The Dutch offered to fly their skimmer arm systems to the Gulf 3 days after the oil spill started. The offer was apparently turned down because EPA regulations do not allow water with oil to be pumped back into the ocean. If all the oily water was retained in the tanker, the capacity of the system would be greatly diminished because most of what is pumped into the tanker is sea water.

    This crazy decision has since been rescinded. But as I’ve argued before, for

    the more damage this disaster is allowed to do to the image of Big Oil and Big Carbon the better.

    • For them this crisis isn’t a disaster at all. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime."

    6/19, UK Telegraph, J. Delingpole, "The real villain of the gulf oil-spill disaster: not BP but PC" via Tom Nelson

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Electric cars bad for environment, not viable for foreseeable future experts say

    Why is the entire political class rolling over for this obvious joke?

    • The US government has wasted taxpayer dollars propping up the electric car scam, and their guy Tesla is now broke. At best, electric cars could not function in the United States except as neighborhood runabouts. The idea therefore has to be as some have suggested, drastically reducing our population and industry. Dying. Elected officials talking about scaling down the oil business without addressing this issue should be impeached, or at least locked up in mental hospitals. ed.
    6/18, DailyExpressUK: "ELECTRIC cars are unlikely ever to replace conventional cars and could even be worse for the environment, experts have warned.
    • as a greener alternative to petrol or diesel cars.
    But engineering magazine E&T for members of the Institute of Engineering and Technology claims the switch to electric cars would not be viable because of
    • the limited life of batteries and the need for frequent recharging.
    An investigation found electric cars could be restricted to
    Peter Miller, director of electrical and electronic engineering at vehicle consultants Ricardo, said: “You could drive and then find it
    “To get a vehicle that behaves the same way as a petrol or diesel model is
    • not viable for the foreseeable future.”
    The magazine said a battery capable of the same level of driving as a standard Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf would cost £100,000 and would weigh 1.5 tonnes.
    • Experts at E&T also suggested relying on electricity from non-renewable sources
    • would even mean a greater carbon footprint than a high efficiency diesel car.
    Dickson Ross, editor in chief of E&T, said: “Some of the performance improvement claims being suggested are
    “While we believe electric cars overall are a good idea, particularly for short-range commutes, there’s a need for more honesty on whether they can really be the solution to our transport and environmental needs in the mid- to long-term. "

    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    Obama energy official maintains interests in "green" companies that benefit from her insider status

    6/17: "Documents obtained from the Department of Energy and elsewhere appear to present a prima facie case of a senior Obama administration official, Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Cathy Zoi, participating substantially in decisions impacting companies in which she is heavily invested. This flouts ethics requirements and would be a violation of U.S. criminal law.
    • The Department of Energy has yet to provide additional requested documents regarding Zoi.
    • Even more troubling, the designated ethics officer has so far refused to even acknowledge the request for records she is required by law to provide the public.
    Ms. Zoi’s conflicts of interest have been reported previously at PJM....

    In the financial disclosure filed by Zoi (former CEO of Al Gore’s pressure group Alliance for Climate Protection), Ms. Zoi attests that she and her husband have divested themselves of numerous utility and other energy-related company stock, for the obvious ethical and appearance problems of holding such assets while serving as a senior official in the Department of Energy.
    • Yet, as I have learned through independent sources,

    Ms. Zoi is not recusing herself broadly as would seem to be required. She remains deeply involved in developing and implementing policies that directly impact the interests of companies in which she and her husband maintain large holdings.

    The Freedom Foundation of Minnesota has also kindly directed me to Zoi’s direct advocacy supporting one of these companies. This comes in the rather inescapable form of testimony to Congress, where she championed a major new program that would

    In her financial disclosure, however, Zoi vowed to recuse herself from “[participating] personally and substantially in any particular matter that has a direct and predictable effect on the financial interest” on Serious Materials or the Swiss “smart meter” producer Landis+Gyr, without obtaining a waiver first.

    • This is as a condition of her employment with the Obama administration, but also to be in compliance with the criminal code.
    Although the DoE’s ethics officer has still not responded, through other means I have obtained documents indicating Ms. Zoi has not recused herself from relevant policies.

    Zoi’s congressional testimony, however, seems to make that point moot. In her testimony,
    • Zoi advocates appropriation of millions of taxpayer dollars to schemes from which Serious Materials benefits both directly and indirectly. A major component of “green retrofitting” is replacing a building’s windows, which is Serious Materials’ business.
    In a posting on their website, Serious Materials specifically praises the “stimulus” bill and its largess, something promoted with equal zeal by Zoi in her testimony."...via Tom Nelson

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Oklahoma shockingly to assert US law over Sharia

    What, no "honor killings"? An outrage. The ABC News article does the usual routine. Instead of looking at many available details to support such action, it's more interested in casting Oklahoma and its lawmakers as paranoid nut-cases. A la Alinsky and Soros.
    The ban is a cornerstone of a "Save our State" amendment to the Oklahoma constitution that was recently approved by the Legislature.
    • The amendment -- which also would forbid judges from using international laws as a basis for decisions -- will now be put before Oklahoma's voters in November. Approval is expected.

    Oklahoma has few Muslims – only 30,000 out of a population of 3.7 million. The prospect of sharia being applied there seems remote. But a chief architect of the measure, Republican State Rep. Rex Duncan, calls the proposed ban a necessary "preemptive strike" against Islamic law coming to the state.

    Sharia – which means "path" in Arabic – governs many aspects of Muslim life and influences the legal code in a majority of Muslim countries.

    Sharia has gained a toehold in some western countries, notably Great Britain, where five sharia courts have been established to settle certain disputes among Muslims, with the government's blessing.

    The proposed Oklahoma amendment is aimed, in part, at "cases of first impression," legal disputes in which there is no law or precedent to resolve the matter at hand.

    • In such cases, judges might look to laws or rulings in other jurisdictions for guidance. The proposed amendment would block judges in Oklahoma courts from drawing on sharia, or the laws of other nations, in such decisions.

    The amendment also is a response to what some conservatives see as a pernicious trend -- cases of liberal judges mostly notably Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, using foreign laws to shape their opinions in U.S. cases.

    • "It should not matter what France might do, what Great Britain might do, or what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia might do," Duncan said.
    • "Court decisions ought to be based on federal law, or state law."...

    "I think this is a political statement against Muslims and, inferentially, in support of United States values," (Fordham University law professor Jim) Cohen said.

    • Duncan said that is not the case. "The only entities that could oppose this measure are those that admittedly support applying international law and sharia law in American courts.

    If that's what they think they need to be bold enough to say so.""

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    8 weeks of oil choked, exhausted birds, 'caring' Obama lets them twist slowly in the wind in depraved indifference

    6/14, Louisiana governor has waited 8 weeks for 'caring' Obama. Obama is happy to make suffering wildlife, humans, and ecosystems wait forever, twisting slowly, slowly in the wind. The so-called environmental movement is officially dead, exposed as a hate group without a shred of concern for the planet or its species.

    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    What did Huffington think would happen when she signed on to Soros agenda? Now she's sorry the middle class is dying....

    What did these people think would happen when they won? The left's views are above all suicidal. Carried to logical conclusions, their ideologies result in suffering and death. That it hasn't always been obvious to her proves liberalism is in fact a dangerous mental disorder (words of Michael Savage).
    6/10/10: "In an interview with Yahoo Tech Ticker on Wednesday, Arianna said that a

    She spoke with Aaron Task at the CM Summit, a conference in New York City, on the country's jobless and a growing divide that is turning America into a country with rich, poor and few in between.

    "At the heart of America has always been the middle class. That has been the foundation of our democracy...we didn't have the type of envy that has bedraggled so many other countries...because the middle class has always believed they can keep doing better."

    But these days, transfers of wealth from the middle class to the rich make economic and social mobility less likely -- and the average American knows it. Some say the American dream has been reduced to luck,

    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    NY Times is outraged a union protected public school teacher might have to be accountable--like most in the private sector are everyday or are fired

    "Results in the public school system are increasingly measured by standardized test results. Many educators are faced with the unappealing prospect of actually doing the job that the tax-payers have hired them to do; teach their students. The New York Times reports that.

    "The federal No Child Left Behind law is a
    further source of pressure. Like a high jump bar set intentionally low in the beginning, the law - which mandates that public schools bring all students up to grade level in reading and math by 2014 - was easy to satisfy early on.
    Terror of terrors! Schools and teachers are being held accountable for their failure!
    • The social engineering experiment known as public education has been much more concerned with pushing their socialist agenda
    than in teaching little Barry and Micki how to read, write and do math. The question remains, how can the schools get those darn test scores up to par?

    In Normandy Crossing Elementary School near Houston, Texas a bonus of $2,850 was dangled before the poor starving teachers as an incentive to do the job they are already generously paid to do. The standardized tests were administered as required.

    But when the results came back, some seemed too good to be true. Indeed, after an investigation by the Galena Park Independent School District, the principal, assistant principal and three teachers resigned May 24 in a scandal over test tampering."...

    Turning point of the game: Media are trusted more than government on oil spill

    6/11/10, People trust the media more than government on news about the Gulf oil mass murders and oil gush-NPR, Pew, via

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    George Soros would spend his entire fortune to defeat Bush if it were guaranteed--Washington Post, 11/11/03


    "Asked whether he would trade his $7 billion fortune to unseat Bush, Soros opened his mouth. Then he closed it. The proposal hung in the air:

    • He said, "If someone guaranteed it.""
    11/11/2003: ""Soros deep pockets vs Bush financier contributes $5 million more in effort to oust president " Washington Post, by Laura Blumenfeld, Staff Writer Tuesday, November 11, 2003; Page A03"

    NEW YORK -- "George Soros, one of the world's richest men, has given away nearly $5 billion to promote democracy in the former Soviet bloc, Africa and Asia. Now he has a new project:

    defeating President Bush.

    "It is the central focus of my life," Soros said, his blue eyes settled on an unseen target. The 2004 presidential race, he said in an interview,

    Soros, who has financed efforts to promote open societies in more than 50 countries around the world, is bringing the fight home, he said. On Monday, he and a partner committed up to $5 million to, a liberal activist group, bringing to

    $15.5 million the total of his personal contributions to oust Bush.

    Overnight, Soros, 74, has become the major financial player of the left. He has elicited cries of foul play from the right.

    And with a tight nod, he pledged: "If necessary, I would give more money."

    "America, under Bush, is a danger to the world," Soros said. Then he smiled: "And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is."

    Soros believes that a "supremacist ideology" guides this White House. He hears echoes in its rhetoric of his childhood in occupied Hungary. "When I hear Bush say, 'You're either with us or against us,' it reminds me of the Germans." It conjures up memories, he said, of Nazi slogans on the walls, Der Feind Hort mit ("The enemy is listening"). "My experiences under Nazi and Soviet rule have sensitized me," he said in a soft Hungarian accent.

    Soros's contributions are filling a gap in Democratic Party finances that opened after the restrictions in the 2002 McCain-Feingold law took effect. In the past, political parties paid a large share of television and get-out-the-vote costs with unregulated "soft money" contributions from corporations, unions and rich individuals. The parties are now barred from accepting such money. But non-party groups in both camps are stepping in, accepting soft money and taking over voter mobilization.

    "It's incredibly ironic that George Soros is trying to create a more open society by using an unregulated, under-the-radar-screen, shadowy, soft-money group to do it," Republican National Committee spokeswoman Christine Iverson said. "George Soros has purchased the Democratic Party."

    In past election cycles, Soros contributed relatively modest sums. In 2000, his aide said, he gave $122,000, mostly to Democratic causes and candidates. But recently, Soros has grown alarmed at the influence of neoconservatives, whom he calls "a bunch of extremists guided by a crude form of social Darwinism."

    Neoconservatives, Soros said, are exploiting the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, to promote a preexisting agenda of preemptive war and world dominion. "Bush feels that on September 11th he was anointed by God," Soros said. "He's leading the U.S. and the world toward a vicious circle of escalating violence."

    Soros said he had been waking at 3 a.m., his thoughts shaking him "like an alarm clock."

    Sitting in his robe, he wrote his ideas down, longhand, on a stack of pads. In January, PublicAffairs will publish them as a book, "The Bubble of American Supremacy" (an excerpt appears in December's Atlantic Monthly). In it, he argues for a collective approach to security, increased foreign aid and "preventive action."

    "It would be too immodest for a private person to set himself up against the president," he said. "But it is, in fact" -- he chuckled -- "the Soros Doctorine."

    His campaign began last summer with the help of Morton H. Halperin, a liberal think tank veteran. Soros invited Democratic strategists to his house in Southampton, Long Island, including Clinton chief of staff John D. Podesta, Jeremy Rosner, Robert Boorstin and Carl Pope.

    They discussed the coming election. Standing on the back deck, the evening sun angling into their eyes, Soros took aside Steve Rosenthal, CEO of the liberal activist group America Coming Together (ACT), and Ellen Malcolm, its president. They were proposing to mobilize voters in 17 battleground states.

    Soros told them he would give ACT $10 million.

    Asked about his moment in the sun, Rosenthal deadpanned: "We were disappointed. We thought a guy like George Soros could do more." Then he laughed. "No, kidding! It was thrilling."

    Malcolm: "It was like getting his Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval."

    "They were ready to kiss me," Soros quipped.

    Before coffee the next morning, his friend Peter Lewis, chairman of the Progressive Corp., had pledged $10 million to ACT. Rob Glaser, founder and CEO of RealNetworks, promised $2 million. Rob McKay, president of the McKay Family Foundation, gave $1 million and benefactors Lewis and Dorothy Cullman committed $500,000.

    Soros also promised up to $3 million to Podesta's new think tank, the Center for American Progress.

    Soros will continue to recruit wealthy donors for his campaign. Having put a lot of money into the war of ideas around the world, he has learned that "money buys talent; you can advocate more effectively."

    At his home in Westchester, N.Y., he raised $115,000 for Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean. He also supports Democratic presidential contenders Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.), retired Gen. Wesley K. Clark and Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (Mo.).

    In an effort to limit Soros's influence, the RNC sent a letter to Dean Monday, asking him to request that ACT and similar organizations follow the McCain-Feingold restrictions limiting individual contributions to $2,000.

    The RNC is not the only group irked by Soros. Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, which promotes changes in campaign finance , has benefited from Soros's grants over the years.

    Soros has backed altering campaign finance, an aide said, donating close to

    $18 million over the past seven years.

    "There's some irony, given the supporting role he played in helping to end the soft money system," Wertheimer said. "I'm sorry that Mr. Soros has decided to put so much money into a political effort to defeat a candidate. We will be watchdogging him closely."

    An aide said Soros welcomes the scrutiny. Soros has become as rich as he has, the aide said, because he has a preternatural instinct for a good deal.

    Asked whether he would trade his $7 billion fortune to unseat Bush, Soros opened his mouth. Then he closed it. The proposal hung in the air:

    Would he become poor to beat Bush?

    He said, "If someone guaranteed it.""

    by Laura Blumenfeld, Washington Post staff writer, 11/11/03, via, "Soros deep pockets vs Bush financier contributes $5 million more in effort to oust president"


    9/28/2004 Soros speech to National Press club, via "why we must not re-elect president bush"

    "This is the most important election of my lifetime. I have never been heavily involved in partisan politics but these are not normal times. President Bush is endangering our safety, hurting our vital interests and undermining American values. That is why I am sending you this message."...

    Soros felt betrayed, that Bush had run in 2000 saying he favored a humble foreign policy. Soros says "recognizing that we may be wrong is the foundation of an open society"...


    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    Hansen-Kerry, media leaves out 'inconvenient truths' of climate celebrity James Hansen

    Today, big media cronies with government against the people, swaying public opinion in the absence of facts. Especially when it comes to the endless money behind the global warming scam. Many people will never know the difference as they are busy trying to earn tax money to pay Soros and the fake climate industry.
    • 60 Minutes interviewed Hansen in 2006, and left out his quarter of a million dollar grant from John Kerry's wife's left wing foundation (the Heinz Foundation, established by the deceased ketchup magnate).
    In the 2006 interview, they also left out that Hansen subsequently endorsed John Kerry for president in 2004. One is left with no choice but to realize that after decades of pouring money into the climate hoax, the hoped for payout has to be richer than the average person can imagine.
    • CQ, 9/26/06: "Many in the media dwell on any industry support given to so-called climate skeptics, but the same media completely fail to note Hansen’s huge grant from the left-wing Heinz Foundation.

    The foundation’s money originated from the Heinz family ketchup fortune. So it appears that the media makes a distinction between oil money and ketchup money.

    • the use of ‘extreme scenarios’ to dramatize climate change

    Why would “60 Minutes” ignore the basic tenets of journalism, which call for objectivity and balance in sourcing, and do such one-sided segments?

    justified excluding scientists skeptical of global warming alarmism from his segments because he considers skeptics

    (There would be no need to mention any of this except the people have no one representing their interest-the truth. Politicians have allowed global warming profiteers to take over government and big media is on board with them). ed.

    US singer denied entry to UK, UK allowed to have borders, US is not

    BBC, 6/8/10: "US singer Chris Brown has been forced to postpone his UK tour after being denied a visa to enter the country, it has been confirmed.
    • Brown was refused permission on the grounds of being guilty of a serious criminal offence, the Home Office said....

    In a statement, the Home Office said: "We reserve the right to refuse entry to the UK to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offence.

    "Each application to enter the UK is considered on its individual merits," it added."

    Monday, June 7, 2010

    NJ Gov. Chris Christie notes jihadists now in NJ jail

    • 6/6: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie points to the obvious fact that many jihadists are ready to kill Americans.

    Former President Bush weakened the US greatly despite his media reputation as a war-monger. The wars were a bunch of financial deals. The Obama administration
    has not stopped the wars, so they are obviously still big business (although the media and violent protesters are now silent). Obama has turned governance of the US over to Muslim groups, ACLU and SEIU. Terror to Obama would be more than 2 days without a big party at the White House at taxpayer expense. ed. video via Save Jersey blog.

    Friday, June 4, 2010

    ABC News exec joins thug union SEIU, more togetherness of media and state

    6/3/10, Politico: "Another jump from the media to politics: ABC News's deputy political director, Teddy Davis, emails that he's leaving the network to join SEIU's already-muscular communications and politics operation. He'll be Assistant Director of Communications at the giant union, he said, "working with the SEIU team on their political campaigns and policy agenda.?" The hire is a sign that SEIU's new leadership intends to keep its large Washington footprint." via

    WHO 'scientists' had financial ties to drug companies while pitching swine flu drug stockpiling-BBC

    BBC, 6/4/10: "Key scientists behind World Health Organization advice on stockpiling of pandemic (swine) flu drugs had
    • financial ties with companies which stood to profit, an investigation has found.

    The British Medical Journal says the scientists had openly declared these interests in other publications

    Guidelines recommending governments stockpile antiviral drugs were issued by WHO in 2004.

    The advice prompted many countries around the world

    A year after the swine flu pandemic was declared, stocks are left unused in warehouses and governments are attempting to unpick contracts.

    Conflict of interest

    The BMJ, in a joint investigation with The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, found that

    the ties were not publically declared by WHO....

    • ...a request to see conflict of interest declarations was turned down.

    In addition, membership of the "emergency committee" which advised WHO's director general Margaret Chan on declaring an influenza pandemic

    It means the names of the 16 committee members are known only to people within WHO, and as such their possible conflicts of interest with drug companies are unknown."...

    • Case in point why psychopath criminals want everything to be "global." And why not? Absolutely no one is stopping them. (I recall google's news page making very sure these injections were top of mind, with daily pictures and stories for a long period of time. ed.)


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