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Friday, June 4, 2010

WHO 'scientists' had financial ties to drug companies while pitching swine flu drug stockpiling-BBC

BBC, 6/4/10: "Key scientists behind World Health Organization advice on stockpiling of pandemic (swine) flu drugs had
  • financial ties with companies which stood to profit, an investigation has found.

The British Medical Journal says the scientists had openly declared these interests in other publications

Guidelines recommending governments stockpile antiviral drugs were issued by WHO in 2004.

The advice prompted many countries around the world

A year after the swine flu pandemic was declared, stocks are left unused in warehouses and governments are attempting to unpick contracts.

Conflict of interest

The BMJ, in a joint investigation with The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, found that

the ties were not publically declared by WHO....

  • ...a request to see conflict of interest declarations was turned down.

In addition, membership of the "emergency committee" which advised WHO's director general Margaret Chan on declaring an influenza pandemic

It means the names of the 16 committee members are known only to people within WHO, and as such their possible conflicts of interest with drug companies are unknown."...

  • Case in point why psychopath criminals want everything to be "global." And why not? Absolutely no one is stopping them. (I recall google's news page making very sure these injections were top of mind, with daily pictures and stories for a long period of time. ed.)

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