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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ken Buck-don't back down vs climate mafia, lead Nobel scientist says no global warming

KEN BUCK IS RIGHT. The lead UN Nobel winning scientist said publicly the planet has not warmed since 1995.

1. Even says climate has cooled 1998-2005, ClimateGate emails, July 5, 2005, from Nobel winner Phil Jones, head of CRU (whose data was used in UN Climate Report):

"The scientific community would come down on me in no uncertain terms if I said the world had cooled from 1998.
  • OK it has
but it is only 7 years of data and it isn't statistically significant."...####

2. 2/14/10, "ClimateGate U-Turn as scientist at centre of row admits: there has been no global warming since 1995," UK Daily Mail, J. Petre
  • although he argued this was a blip rather than the long-term trend."...
3. Global warming has stopped since at least 2003 per another Nobel UN scientist, Kevin Trenberth: "'Missing' heat may affect future climate change," 4/12/10, from Newswire, Source: National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Trenberth: "“The reprieve we’ve had from warming temperatures in the last few years will not continue." ... He warns now 'missing' heat will haunt us. "“The heat will come back to haunt us sooner or later,” says NCAR scientist Kevin Trenberth, the lead author....Earth’s surface temperatures have largely leveled off in recent years....
  • That means about half the total amount of heat is unaccounted for."...
On Trenbeth's participation in the UN 2007 Nobel Prize winning report: "The IPCC's AR4 chapter lead was Kevin Trenberth, who features prominently in the Climategate emails.


4. ClimateGate email, July 6, 2005, Phil Jones reveals chump US taxpayers (unknowingly) have been supporting him for 25 years.
  • "...I hope I don't get a call from congress ! I'm hoping that no-one there realizes I have a US DoE grant and have had this (with Tom W.) for the last
  • 25 years....
  • Cheers, Phil"
5. 11/19/09, "Climatologists baffled by global warming time-out," over 10 years, Der Spiegel, by G. Traufetter
  • "Global warming appears to have stalled. Climatologists are puzzled as to why average global temperatures have stopped rising over the last 10 years.

  • Some attribute the trend to a lack of sunspots, while others explain it through ocean currents."...

6. After admitting no global warming has happened since at least 1995, Crusading ClimateGate figure
  • receives congratulations from fellow 'scientist' for changing how the world sees "human effects on climate".
From ClimateGate East Anglia emails, 10/9/2009, "From: Ben Santer
To: P.Jones
Subject: Re: CEI formal petition to derail EPA GHG endangerment finding with charge that
destruction of CRU raw data undermines integrity of global temperature record. Dear Phil,
  • ...I'm really sorry that you have to go through all this stuff, Phil. Next time I see Pat Michaels at a scientific meeting, I'll be tempted
  • to beat the crap out of him. Very tempted. I'll help you to deal with Michaels and the CEI in any way that I can.
  • The only reason these guys are going after you is because your work is of crucial importance -
it changed the way the world thinks about human effects on climate."...

7. 11/29/09, "Climate change data dumped," TimesOnline UK, by Jonathan Leake

"Scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.
forced to reveal the loss following requests for the data under Freedom of Information legislation.

The data were gathered from weather stations around the world and then adjusted to take account of variables in the way they were collected. The revised figures were kept, but the originals — stored on paper and magnetic tape —
The admission follows the leaking of a thousand private emails sent and received by Professor Phil Jones, the CRU’s director. In them he discusses thwarting climate sceptics seeking access to such data. In a statement on its website, the CRU said:
  • “We do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (quality controlled and homogenised) data.”
The CRU is the world’s leading centre for reconstructing past climate and temperatures.
  • Climate change sceptics have long been keen to examine exactly how its data were compiled.
That is now impossible.

Roger Pielke, professor of environmental studies at Colorado University, discovered data had been lost when he asked for original records.
  • So much for settling questions and resolving debates with science,” he said.
Jones was not in charge of the CRU when the data were thrown away in the 1980s, a time when climate change was seen as a less pressing issue.
  • The lost material was used to build the databases that have been his life’s work, showing how the world has warmed by 0.8C over the past 157 years. He and his colleagues say this temperature rise is “unequivocally” linked to greenhouse gas emissions generated by humans.
Their findings are one of the main pieces of evidence used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which says global warming is a threat to humanity."


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