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Friday, May 28, 2010

Muslim groups, ACLU dictate White House and Justice Dept. policy, immigration-US Rep. King

  • One elected official puts the heinous acts we've seen into words (and thanks again to John McCain for making sure Obama won):
5/28/10: "Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) claimed in a statement on Friday that Muslims and unions had effectively
  • infiltrated the Justice Department and were steering its decision to prepare a
  • challenge to the Arizona immigration law.

From King's statement:

  • ""The ACLU, SEIU and the Muslim American Society are calling the shots at the Justice Department. The 'draft complaint' DOJ has prepared to challenge the Arizona law is a 'cut & paste' version of the class-action lawsuit the ACLU filed in United States District Court on May 17th." [...]
  • No other conclusion could be reached unless Holder releases the Department's 'draft complaint.' But when it becomes public,
  • all of America will know what I know today.
  • The ACLU and their radical affiliates are dictating the policy of the White House and the Department of Justice."
King criticized Mexican President Felipe Calderon for his outright criticism of Arizona's immigration law in front of a joint session of Congress last week, saying that "when the President of Mexico speaks out against Arizona law...he's speaking out against
  • American immigration law, federal law in its entirety, because
  • the Arizona law reflects federal immigration law."...
from Huffington Post, 5/28, "Steve King: Muslim groups, unions, 'Calling the shots at the Justice Department'"

  • (Who will call for Obama's impeachment? ed.)

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