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Monday, April 9, 2018

"Momentous." Trump pierces the "Blue Wall" by winning state of Wisconsin. Five tv networks' 2016 election night realizations that Trump won Wisconsin-You Tube

At 2:40, Megyn Kelly says Fox News projects "Donald Trump has won the state of Wisconsin, "and there goes her Blue Wall."  At 2:58, Megyn Kelly says Trump winning Wisconsin is "momentous."
At 3:38, Megyn Kelly relays earlier analysis from Michael Moore:

 "Trump's election is gonna be the biggest F You ever recorded in human history."

Five networks on video:

#5, Fox Business
#4, Sky News 
#3, Fox News
#2, CNN (Trump has "cracked the so-called Blue Wall." At 4:20 "92% of the vote is in, he's up by 75,000 votes"...At 4:52, Jake Tapper: "And the wall comes tumblin' down."...At 6:58, CNN panelist: "I can't stress enough, Wisconsin and Michigan, they were never considered Battlegrounds by the Clinton campaign--ever.")
#1, PBS News Hour

Image, PBS News Hour screen shot


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