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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Diamond and Silk say Democrat sad faces during Trump's State of the Union speech don't help America or people in their districts. The rest of us are optimistic about America-Diamond and Silk on Fox News, 1/31/18...(Great to see the North Carolina ladies again)

Published on You Tube 1/31/18

Above video posted by commenter at tcth where most remember the ladies well from Trump's campaign. They're biological sisters from North Carolina. Below, on stage with Trump at North Carolina rally, Dec. 4, 2015:

12/4/2015, "Full Event: Donald Trump Amazing Rally in Raleigh, NC (12-4-15)," You Tube, Right Side Broadcasting
Diamond and Silk 2:47 clip, "Diamond and Silk from The Viewers View Join Donald Trump On Stage! (12-4-2015)" 

Added: 1/19/18, Diamond and Silk: "Democrats plan to snub State of the Union Address." The ladies aren't happy about Democrats like Maxine Waters and John Lewis snubbing Trump's State of the Union speech. The ladies say Congressional members are there to represent people of their district, not their personal feelings:

The Viewers View is Diamond and Silk You Tube channel


Added: Nov. 22, 2015: "Diamond and Silk tell a Black Lives Matter Protester how to Act at a Donald Trump Rally," Viewers View

At :35: "When you bring your behind to a Donald Trump rally, you sit your behind down, you shut up, and you listen. And see, had you sat there and had you listened, you would've learned that this man is looking out for you."



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