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Sunday, August 16, 2015

China loves what we're doing on global warming, that I can tell you. China is doing very little about global warming and this country has gone overboard. I'm not a believer in man-made climate change-US presidential candidate Donald Trump

US presidential candidate Donald Trump took questions from the media prior to addressing a campaign rally in New Hampshire:

8/15/15, "TRUMPMENTUM: at Top of the Polls, The Donald Catches Fire on the Trail," Breitbart, Matthew Boyle, Hampton, New Hampshire

"Arriving shortly before 7 p.m. at Winnacunnet High School here in Hampton, New Hampshire, on Friday evening, billionaire Donald Trump—and his entire campaign entourage—whizzed into a classroom-turned-into-press-conference-setup to face a room with more than 40 reporters waiting for him.

Trump fielded question after question from reporters throughout the room for more than 20 minutes, detailing his policy viewpoints, bashing his competition and lighting up the permanent political class and all the lobbyists—acting presidential throughout the press conference, laying out his vision for the United States of America clearly, concisely, with specific policy viewpoints and showing complete lack of fear of any political foe or threat to the United States. He went from domestic policy issues like the heroin and drug epidemic plaguing places like New Hampshire and nearby Massachusetts to foreign policy to trade policy to military policy to immigration policy to politics from the campaign trail to criticism of the Obama administration and the Bush administration that preceded it, sprinkling in hits on Democratic frontrunner former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Trump, you said that the concept of global warming was created by China [to hurt the United States]. Can you explain precisely how China created the concept of global warming? one reporter asked. Trump replied:

"I said that in a very sarcastic fashion—but it’s helping China because China is doing very little about global warming and this country has gone overboard. You saw what happened the other day with President Obama’s bill. It’s going to put costs out of control, and we have to compete with China. We have to compete with the rest of the world. China loves what we’re doing on global warming, that I can tell you. You go over to China and see what their factories are doing. Their factories are doing absolutely nothing having to do with global warming and they won’t for many, many years. China is making it impossible between their devaluations—I was just talking about with somebody who really knows the subject—their devaluations and the whole thing with global warming, China is making it impossible for our companies to compete and we better get smart on this."

Next up after environmental policy was Iraq.

“Governor Bush said this week that bringing down Saddam Hussein was a good deal. Do you agree with him? Do you think it was worth it? another reporter asked. Trump responded:

"We spent $2 trillion in Iraq. We lost thousands of lives in Iraq. We have wounded warriors who I love all over this country and beyond, okay? Was it worth it? We have nothing. We have nothing. His brother made a horrible decision and President Obama made a horrible decision the way he left. We should have taken the oil instead of giving it to ISIS and Iran. You know who the primary beneficiary of the oil is? China. China is taking out so much oil. I said you shouldn’t have gone in, but I said once you went into Iraq you should have never in a million years, you should have never—you go in, you never won—but a lot of mistake on the Iraq wars. I heard Jeb Bush talking. First of all it took him five days before he could give an answer. And after the pollsters told him what to say, he’s now trying to backtrack—probably because his brother said ‘hey wait a minute you’re killing me here. It’s bad. That’s my legacy, the Iraq war.’ The Iraq war is a disaster for the Bushes. That’s why the last thing we need is another Bush. Saddam Hussein, instead of him, you have ISIS. Instead of him, you have Iran taking over. So you tell me: Was it worth what we paid for?"

After that came U.S. foreign policy with Russia. “Mr. Trump, you said U.S.-Russian relations are destroyed. Are you going to fix—“ a reporter began to ask before Trump, at that point on a roll and gaining momentum, cut him off.

“I said they’re terrible,” Trump corrected the reporter. “They’re not destroyed but they’re pretty well-destroyed. I think I would have a great relationship with Russia and Putin.”

“Would you roll back sanctions with Russia?” the reporter followed up.

“It depends, depends,” Trump answered. “They have to behave also.”

Why do you think you’d get along well with Russia,” the reporter pressed again. Trump replied:

"I think I’d get along well with Putin. I know many of the people. I had a major event there two years ago in Moscow, as you know. It was a tremendous success. An amazing success. I think I’d get along well with Putin. And I think I’d get along with the leaders of the world well, many of them. Not all of them. And the ones I don’t get along with, they’re going to have to pay. We have to make our country great again and we’re not doing that. We’re going in the wrong direction. We’re going like this [points downward]. Laughing stock. We’re a laughing stock all over the world."... 

That-and more-was all before he took the stage shortly thereafter and directed another short set of remarks to the overflow room with an extra thousand people." 


8/15/15, "Lightning Round With Donald Trump," NY Times, Maureen Dowd, op ed columnist

"I’m not a believer in man-made climate change." Donald Trump


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