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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Temperature dips below freezing on Aug. 29 in Maine, only a few Alaska locations were colder per NWS

8/29/14, "Maine sees first below freezing temperatures since spring,", Craig Smith, Estcourt Station, Maine

"Estcourt Station one of coldest locations in nation Friday."

"Parts of northern Maine saw the first below freezing temperatures since spring, according to the National Weather Service in Caribou.

Estcourt Station had a low of 31 degrees Friday morning, which was one of the coldest temperatures in the nation.

Only a few locations in Alaska were colder.

It's the first time since June 1 that the temperature at Estcourt Station dropped below freezing, according to the NWS.

Other chilly temperatures included 36 degrees at Big Black River, 37 degrees at Clayton Lake and 44 degrees in Caribou.

Temperatures did not reach nearly that low in southern parts of the state.

The low in Portland was 52 degrees." via Drudge

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