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Monday, May 26, 2014

What UKIP stands for. It's been more than 100 years since a national election in UK was won by other than Conservatives and Labour-BBC

5/26/14, "What UKIP victory means," BBC, Nick Robinson

"It is over 100 years since a national election has been won by a party other than the Conservatives and Labour. 

What's more the UK Independence Party did it by winning seats not just in every region of England but in Wales and Scotland too.

The impact of the result will be immediate."...

UKIP Issues: "What We Stand For"

"These are anxious and troubled times. As crisis follows crisis, our politicians do nothing in the face of dangers rearing up all around us.

Taxes and Government debt rise. Energy and transport costs soar. Unemployment is too high. The NHS and state education strain under a population increase of 4 million since 2001.

Another wave of uncontrolled immigration comes from the EU (this time Bulgaria and Romania). Yet the political class tells us the EU is good for the UK.

A gulf has opened between the ruling elite and the public. Because they must all follow Brussels diktats, each of the establishment main parties is now so similar voters have no real choice.

The EU controls Immigration, Business and Employment, Financial Services, Fishing, Farming, Energy and Trade. It seeks now to control Law and Order, Foreign Affairs and Tax. Only outside the EU can we start to solve the problems our country faces....

Protect Our Borders

• Regain control of our borders and of immigration - only possible by leaving the EU.
Immigrants must financially support themselves and their dependents for 5 years. This means private health insurance (except emergency medical care), private education and private housing - they should pay into the pot before they take out of it.
A points-based visa system and time-limited work permits.
Proof of private health insurance must be a precondition for immigrants and tourists to enter the UK. 

Rebuild Prosperity 

Save £55m a day in membership fees by leaving the EU and give British workers first crack at the 800,000 jobs we currently advertise to EU workers. No tax on the minimum wage.
• Enroll unemployed welfare claimants onto community schemes or retraining workfare programmes.
Scrap HS2, all green taxes and wind turbine subsidies.
• Develop shale gas to reduce energy bills and free us from dependence on foreign oil and gas - place the tax revenues into a British Sovereign Wealth Fund.
• UKIP will abolish inheritance tax. Inheritance tax brings in under £4bn - less than a third of what we spend on foreign aid. The super-rich avoid it, while modest property owners get caught by it. It hits people during a time of grief and UKIP will budget in its 2015 spending plans to completely abolish this unfair death tax. 
• Make cuts to foreign aid that are real and rigorous.... 

Free Speech and Democracy

*No to Political Correctness - it stifles free speech.
• The law of the land must apply to us all. We oppose any other system of law.
Teach children positive messages and pride in their country. We want to unite through better integration.
UKIP is a patriotic party that believes in putting Britain first. Only UKIP will return self-government to the British people." 


5/22/14, "UKIP leader Nigel Farage condemns David Cameron for "breaking a solemn promise to the British people to get net annual immigration down to the tens of thousands"

"Mr Farage spoke out as new official statistics showed that with less than a year to the end of the parliamentary term, net immigration is running at well above 200,000.

And it is immigration from other EU countries that is most out of control because Britain is powerless to stem the flow while we remain a member of the Brussels club."...


Comment: Translation: Parasites who've profited from the global warming industry for a generation should prepare for work in a field that isn't imaginary. Stealing from the taxpayer was only going to last a few decades, let's face it. Organized crime has made billions off this scam and no doubt plans to continue doing so. Horse heads may appear in beds. Bad timing for Prince Charles, he'll have to think of another way to keep the monarchy afloat than ordering commoners in the UK, the US, and elsewhere to embrace poverty.


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