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Monday, December 30, 2013

Ice-free Antarctic and Commonweath Bay seen in 1912 video. In 2013, Global Warming research ship in Antarctic is trapped in 10 feet of ice, 3 ice breakers have tried and failed to get to them, cold and snow prevent helicopter rescue

In 2012 the world spent almost a billion dollars a day on the idea of global warming.


12/29/13, "Mawson in ice-free Commwealth Bay Antarctica in 1912," Climate Central

"Published on Dec 29, 2013"
"The SY Aurora anchored at Commonwealth Bay in 1912. The expedition, using the ship SY Aurora commanded by Captain John King Davis, departed from Hobart on 2 December 1911, landed at Cape Denison (named after Hugh Denison, a major backer of the expedition) on Commonwealth Bay on 8 January 1912, and established the Main Base.

Cinematography by Frank Hurley.

Archived by the Australian Antarctic Division"


"Early rescue efforts to break the ship free were stymied by thick “multi-layered” ice more than ten-feet deep."

The 1912 video shows a much warmer Antarctic than the Global Warming research team finds in 2013. Commonwealth Bay in East Antarctica in 2013 has trapped an Australian led AGW research mission in many feet of ice.

Three ice breakers have tried to rescue them, but the ice was too thick and all 3 had to turn back. Helicopter rescue has thus far been impossible due to bad weather. NY Times reports the global warming research ship began to list: 12/27/13, "Professor Turney told Sky News that before Christmas Day, the conditions changed when those on board had been conducting research, and they realized they could not get free of the ice. The ship was listing, and the captain put out an alert on Christmas Eve." image of trapped ship, AFP

12/27/13, "On Twitter, Documenting an Antarctic Journey and a Countdown to a Rescue," NY Times, The Lede blog, Christine Hauser. Map image shows Commonwealth Bay, via Sky News


12/30/13, "Antarctic ship: Rescue halted by fierce weather," BBC

"An Australian icebreaker trying to reach the Russian scientific mission ship was forced to turn back. Earlier attempts by Chinese and French icebreakers to reach the Russian ship Academician Shokalskiy were also foiled by the thick ice....Earlier, it was thought that passengers could be winched to safety by a helicopter on board the Chinese icebreaker, which had to abort its rescue mission on Saturday. However, AMSA spokeswoman Lisa Martin told Reuters news agency: "We can't fly a helicopter in these conditions either. There is essentially nothing we can do at this point of time.""...


"Scientists say".....

12/30/13, "The BBC's Andrew Luck-Baker, on the Shokalskiy, said scientists on board thought the ice was much thicker than usual for this time of year."...

NSIDC Sea Ice Index chart, Southern Hemisphere, Nov. 2013 (click Antarctic tab)


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