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Monday, July 4, 2011

Cap & Trade is a stock market designed to enrich giant energy companies and speculators while raising consumer prices on everything

This is why politicians have pushed 'climate deals' for decades. It's an excuse to remove money from those who earned it and put it into the pockets of government and their cronies.

7/3/11, "Canada dodges carbon bullet,' Toronto Sun, L. Goldstein,

  • Collapse of global cap-and-trade market vindicates Stephen Harper

"Because however much politicians try to spin it, cap-and-trade is not an environmental program designed to reduce industrial carbon dioxide emissions.

It’s a stock market designed to make money, primarily for giant energy and utility companies and speculators,


7/16/10, "Carbon Trading Used as Money-Laundering Front," Jakarta Globe


10/8/10, "Murder on the Carbon Express: Interpol Takes On Emissions Fraud," Mother Jones,
M. Schapiro


2/1/11, ""Broken" EU spot CO2 market will struggle to revive," Reuters, Chestney


1/27/11, "European commission extends carbon market freeze indefinitely," UK Guardian, Leigh Phillips


5/30/11, "Exclusive: EU energy plan threatens carbon billions," Reuters, Pete Harrison


1991 NY Times report, European bureaucrats dream up holier than thou reason to steal money from people who are productive. They sell the idea to US politicians who are always eager to sell out American citizens.

9/25/1991, "Heavy Energy Tax Is Proposed to Curb Emissions in Europe," NY Times, Paul L Montgomery

"The European Community today became the first industrialized region to

  • propose a clean-energy tax in an attempt to curb
  • worldwide emissions of carbon dioxide.

The European Commission, the community's executive body, asked its 12 member nations to begin debate on proposals that would put a surcharge of $10 a barrel on oil by the end of the century (2000), and surcharges of $14 for equivalent amounts of coal and $5 for nuclear power....

"We will redouble our efforts to convince the Americans to change their minds," Mr. Ripa Di Meana said."...


Someone gave up precious time and effort from their life to earn that $10, but ill-bred, flabby Euros never think of that. And voters have been conditioned to be passive. ed.

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