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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NCDC records show US temperature declines 1998-2011

Red line shows points of US temperature 1998-2011. Green line is the straight line trend. Black line is average. Source of data listed below. Graph made by thetruthpeddler.

CO2 increases but temperatures decrease proving CO2 does not increase temperature.
If you want to get billions of dollars from evil Americans, you will have to think of another reason. Worldwide recession has caused decrease in global CO2 concurrent with a decrease in economic activity. You would think they'd by happy, but no. EU kleptocrats are whining because they miss the money they used to get.*

NCDC United States temperatures,
Jan. 2011

12 months of 2010, NCDC

Source: National Climatic Data Center, NOAA Satellite and information service

2/4/11, Reuters: * "The economic crisis has slowed EU industrial output,
  • aiding its plan to cut climate-warming emissions
to 20 percent below 1990 levels over the next decade. They are currently down by about 17 percent...but the crisis has also hindered investment."...

2/4/11, "EU leaders take steps to curb fossil fuel habit," Reuters

EU kleptocrats, Reuters photo


CO2 continued to increase globally in 2008

2/25/2009, "Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases continue to increase,", Tony Hake

"Historically a slowdown in carbon dioxide accumulation in the atmosphere has been recorded during tough economic times including immediately following the Great Depression and during the 1940s (presumably due to World War II). In 2008 however this was not the case and CO2 continued its rise."

graph by thetruthpeddlers

via Climate Depot

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